Tuesday, April 28, 2009

HUMAN NATURE Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil

Description :
- Affordable and effective organic product
- 100% organic, 100% no harmful chemical, 100% phthalate-free
-  for all skin type
-  multi-purpose beauty oil! – so many uses it should be called bottle of hope!
-  for radiant soft skin
- fights wrinkles and naturally protect skin from infections and irritants  
- great as a sensitive under-eye area moisturizer 
- great to use on dry skin patches, too!
- great to use also as a hair coat to add shine and moisture to distressed hair (plus, will add nourishment to the hair!)
- great also to use on nails and cuticles! (will nourish them, too)
- sunflower seed oil is packed with vitamins A, D & E
- easily absorbed with no greasy feeling
- will also gently remove make-up including the sensitive eye area
- handy travel-sized pot! Keep one in your bag!
- Great especially when your traveling and need to minimize the toiletries you need to bring as this is so multi-purpose!
- yes, and safe for pregnant women!
- 50ml bottle

I love using this on my undereye area before applying concealer. I use this at night time too. As for the effects I haven't seen any improvement yet on my undereye area but I think it's too early to tell. I just love using this because its organic and safe. It also make my concealer apply smoothly.

I love using this as my makeup remover because it instantly removes my mascara. No black residue. It works better than my other makeup remover.

This product is worth checking out. It only cost me P99.75 (peso) or $2 USD. Isn't it great bargain?

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