Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cheap Finds "Wet 'n' Wild" Pressed Powder

I bought this one from Everything P100.00 store. It was a real steal because they sold it as buy 1 take 1 free. By the way this is the old packaging of Wet 'n' Wild pressed powder. The new ones are in semi-matte silver finish. Anyway I still bought one, “who can resist this kind of steal?" I bought mine in translucent shade. This is a good alternative for anyone who are into baby powder stuff who does not have enough budget to get descent ones.

I was surprised that this cheap can be that good. It works very well on my oily T Zone and gives me a nice matte finish. Although it’s not that long wearing but who could complaint? This is definitely a cheap finds…

For this powder, I'm using my kabuki brush for application. The sponge provided in the compact is very hilarious! It looks like free sponge intended for the dish.

Check out your P99 store, Dollar Store, or if there's Everything P100 you might come across this kind of steal.

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