Friday, March 26, 2010


I'm so depressed today (family problem),  too bad I can't share it you guyz.... I cried my heart  out in the bathroom (what a choice?!) and said a prayer. My heart feels light afterwards but boy I look awful... ;) Well, crying somehow relieves the pain, I just hope everything will be alright.

Well, I need to get my mind off to my problem... so I need to surf... :-)  I was checking my blog for updates and saw this forgotten lemmings. I saw the ad of sigma brush. Boy I'm drolling to have this set. 

Check this baby... Isn't it lovely??? MAC lookalike but without the price tag.

A lot of good reviews you can find for this set on YouTube, Makeupalley, and other makeup blogs. This Professional Brush set cost $69 usd for 12 brushes , and if you want this set with a brush roll you can get this at $89 usd. There's a lot of brush set you can find that will suit your needs they have the face kit and eye kit. Or if your a makeup artist you can check out the sigma professional premium kit. You can also order the individual brush or if you want to try out there makeup line.You can order online at sigma and the good news is they ship internationally. 

Hmmm...I just wish I have a job so that I can fork some money to have a good set of brush. Anyway, check it out guyz. A makeup needs a good brush to deliver good result.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

First Blog Sale

First Blog Sale:


Bourjois Amre D'or - P700

Ever Bilena Eyeliners in Black and Brown P120.00

Milani Bronzer in Medium - P300.00

Maybelline Angelfit in BUFF 90% - P250.00

Fanny Serrano in Mocha 85% - P250.00

Fanny Serrano Concealer in Sand 98% - P250.00

All Products are : 

  • § 100% authenticity guaranteed
  • § Some items are Used a few times / tested once / will be sanitized upon shipment
  • § Clearing out items  

Postage & Payment
© Postage will be P125 / 0.5 kg  thru 2GO or will be calculated upon weight
© Payment via GCASH only
© Payment within 3 days after transaction is finalize

* Feel free to email me @ for any inquiries. Just leave a comment and state the item you want and leave your email address*


Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It's been a long time since I added some post here. Please watch out for my blog sale. I'm on the process of clearing out my makeup stash. Just keeping my essentials... I'm still sorting and will be posting photos later.