Wednesday, April 22, 2009


For the Face ...Ever Bilena Pro Bronzing Powder ( P180.00+ up)

A lightly scented and frosted powder that gives sheer and natural color effects. A perfect skin tone enhancer and a new alternative in creating a beautiful tan.

It has a decent pigmentation, a bit of shimmer, and really creates a breautiful tan. You can use this on the face, shoulders, decolletage for that Bronzey glow.


Careline Eye Shadow Powder (P100.00 + below)

Enriched with natural Vitamin E that moisturizes skin, making you look younger and more beautiful all day long. It contains microfine titanium dioxide and other coloring pigments that provide protection from sun damage.

As for the shade, find something that will compliment your coloring. I bought this in Meztiza White shade. It has a decent pigmentation, shimmery, and affordable. I find this item very versatile because you can use it alone or with a medium.

For the eyes, I use this with a base for longer wear. Find a medium where it can stick to, you can use your concealer or eye crayon whichever is available.

As for highlights I mix this item with my moisturizer and place it where I want to stand out. I sometimes mix this item with my liquid foundation as an alternative for illuminator.

You can also mix this with petroleum jelly or any lip balms you own for that added shimmer. Or you can place it on your cupids bow to make your lips pop.

I also mix this item with my lotion for added glow and place it on my shoulders, decolletage , and legs for that added radiance.

So many use for this item and its dirt cheap. I totally recommend this!

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