Saturday, April 18, 2009

Benetint by BeneFit Review

This is "one" of my all-time favorite lip & cheek tint. I really love how natural and rosy this makes your cheeks look and it's rose scented too. The colour payoff is great and very long wearing. I wear this on days when I don't want to sport a no makeup look - I just blend it into bare skin and it gives me a really healthy glow. However, you have to be careful in the application because this dries up so fast. What I usually do is place 3 dots on one cheek let it stay for 5 seconds then blend. Then do the other cheek and build it up according to my liking. It's easy to apply and great on lips too!

The huge draw back for this item is that it retails around $28 USD (and tax) for a 12.5 ml bottle. It's very pricey for a lip & cheek stain. But Cost-wise, it's not too bad considering one bottle lasts so long. I had mine for about 8 months now and my tint still looks full.

I definitely recommend this for someone who wants that no fuss, natural flushed cheek look.

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