Friday, May 1, 2009



I love this MSF! I got this from a swap at Makeupalley. I've always wanted to try this out but I don't have any access to MAC store.

Anyway, I got the shade in Medium/Natural and Shimmer. Mine has about 60% powder and 40% shimmer.I'm not really a fan of Mineral Makeup. But this item I find it difficult pass up.This is a limited edition and its really nice to own one.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the matte side, which isn't cakey matte but just a sheer matte that clings to your
skin and make you look flawless. I'm using this to set my liquid foundation. So far I haven't felt any burning sensation with this powder since I always had that experience with most of the Mineral Makeup I tried. I don't use the item together, I use them separately with my kabuki brush. As for the shimmery part, I'm using it as highlighter, it's so pretty!it leaves the prettiest glow on my cheekbones! 
And the best part of this item is that its so compact. I really love this, now I'm lemming to get the MSF Petticoat or Soft and Gentle. This retails around $28 USD and Net weight 9g/0.31 US OZ.

If you can get your hand on this baby, try checking it out. It's really worth your money.

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